Is It Necessary To Call A Professional?

Your home is a complex collection of plumbing lines and fixtures so that you have running water in almost every room. Taking care of your plumbing system is part of being a responsible homeowner. In fact, there are several plumbing tasks that you can take on as DIY projects with minimal tools and kits found at home improvement stores around southern Florida. However, there are also situations where you need to call the professionals. Consider some of the common issues that can plague an everyday plumbing system and review our DIY video guides and quick tips for solutions that could save you money. Below are a few ways to tell whether or not it’s necessary to call a professional.

Flush & Listen For Toilets Leaks And Continuous Running

Be aware of your toilet's sounds. Ideally, the toilet should only make noises when you flush it. If you hear dripping sounds or running water when the toilet hasn’t just been flushed, you have a leaky toilet. You'll see the cost of this plumbing issue reflected in your water bill. Gallons of water can leak from a faulty flapper inside the tank. This plumbing project is a simple DIY task that only requires a replacement kit from your local store. However, other leaks along the toilet's base or other areas will usually require a professional's help.

Prevent Kitchen Drain Clogs

Your kitchen sink is one of the busiest areas in the house. Washing hands, dishes and foods will usually result in some clogs down the drain. Maintain your sink throughout the month, so that you can avoid clogs and cracked pipes. Boil some water on the stove and carefully pour it down the sink's drain. The hot water will usually cause any grease to liquefy and move down the plumbing pipes. Other suggested plumbing tips will often include snaking the drain. You can purchase a pipe snake at a home improvement store, but you need to use it carefully. Tough clogs will still require a professional's help instead of a snake tool. That’s where we come in.

Add Sink Strainers

To save money and avoid most professional costs, add strainers to your sinks. These tiny mesh products keep your drains open for running water while catching food, hair and other debris that can get into the drain. You can match the strainers' sizes to your individual drains. Some strainers simply rest inside the drain and others must be installed. Simply empty the accumulated debris from the strainer into the trash can. As a result, you'll notice a marked difference in your plumbing's health over time.

Obverse Your Water Line Path To Main Sewers

Every home has a main sewer line that connects the structure to the municipal waste lines at the street level. These lines often run between your home and the street by passing through the yard. If you notice that your yard has some muddy areas or puddles, you should call a plumbing professional. The sewer line may be cracked and releasing water into the ground. The only clue for this damage type is usually puddles on the grass. Only professionals can fix this serious issue and the skilled plumbers at Reliance deal are trained to handle these issues.

Look For Plumbing Line Leaks

Structure leaks are another plumbing issue that should be reserved for professionals. Many plumbing lines snake behind walls within your home. If you notice yellow stains or wet spots along a wall, contact a plumber immediately. You may have a cracked pipe within the wall that's leaking water onto structural wood and drywall. Ignoring this problem will only create expensive water damage repair bills. Any leaked water will continue to soak the structural materials, which can lead to possible mold and decay problems.

Examine Your Water Heater

The water heater is a part of your home's plumbing system. Take a close look at it once a month. There should be no visible water around its base. A leaking water heater should be replaced as soon as possible. It will eventually crack and release its stored water into your garage or laundry area. Professionals should be called for major water heater repairs or replacement projects. To maintain this appliance on your own, simply drain it once or twice a year so that any debris accumulating at the bottom of the tank can be cleared out.

If you don't feel comfortable about tackling your plumbing issues, contact Reliance Plumbing today. Our team will set up an appointment to visit your southern Florida home, and our professionals will solve your plumbing issues. Avoid further water damage within your home by fixing your plumbing problems as swiftly as possible.

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