Stinky Sink Remedies

Stinky Sink Remedies

Have you ever brushed your teeth, done the dishes, or started cleaning only to smell a pungent stench coming from your sink’s drain? One of the most common complaints we receive is stinky drains, which makes sense because of how often we use them in our homes. If you are experiencing a smelly drain, try one of the home remedies listed below:

Sink remedies

Eliminate Stink with Vinegar

Start by first pouring one cup of vinegar down the drain and wait 30 minutes. After that, flush it with hot water for several minutes. Vinegar is a common product used around the house because it can kill germs, mold, and bacteria.

Install a P-Trap and Check Ventilation

If your sink smells like rotten eggs, it most like has sewer gas trapped in it by water. The easiest way to solve this problem is installing a P-Trap, because the trap holds the water in the drain and forms a seal to prevent the sewer gas from getting into the bathroom. You must check and make sure the sink is properly vented though, or the gases will bubble up into the drain - even if you install a P-Trap.

Clear out the Clogs

It’s common for food and clumps of hair to get jammed into drains - leaving a nasty scent. You can use a plumbing snake or a clothing wire straightened out, and try to remove the clog. Check your sink aerator if the drain itself isn’t clogged or draining slow. A clogged aerator can be filled with grime and bacteria and would be causing unsavory scents.

Check the Overflow Drain

If the water becomes stagnant and leaves an unpleasant smell, the overflow drain may need cleaning. Plug the sink and fill it with water. If it begins to smell, this drain is the problem. You can oftentimes pour a liquid clog cleaner down the drain to solve the issue

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