Lose items down the sink? Here are some retrieval tips!

Lose items down the sink? Here are some retrieval tips!

We all have mishaps when it comes to losing small items around an open drain, but don’t worry, there are some simple tricks you can try before you’re out of luck and need to contact a professional.


You might think that it’s silly but using a coat hanger is often a quick and easy way to pull items from a drain. Though smaller items might be harder to recover, some larger items such as a toothbrush can be retrieved using this method. To do so, remove the drain catch if possible, then use a bent coat hanger and feel around the pipe for the item. If the method did not work, unfortunately its time to get your hands dirty.


It may seem like a burden but removing parts of your sink isn’t too complicated. First, you want to turn off the water. Second, put something under the sink plug (stopper/trap) so it doesn’t close. Third, place a bucket underneath the sink pipe so water will fall into it. Then, unscrew the J-pipe from the end near the sink then the side closest to the wall. Dump the water (and lost item) into the bucket.

If you don’t see your item, it may be stuck in the P-trap (J-pipe). In this case you will have to reach into eh drain from the top. The best device for the job may be a magnetic retrieval tool (if the item is not silver or gold) or a pronged retrieval tool. These tools look like an antenna on a radio and can be purchased at a hardware or plumbing store. Use a flashlight to see if you can spot the item and then use the magnet or tongs to retrieve the item, then pull it out and give it a good clean.



If these methods did not work, it is time to contact a professional. It is important that you do not use the sink until the job is taken care of. Call Reliance or schedule service online to help!