Is Your Water Contaminated?

Is Your Water Contaminated?

Florida homeowners a well-aware of the risks that come from water contamination. Every year hurricanes cause catastrophic damage up and down U.S. coast. One of the most important parts of repairing and rebuilding is securing access to safe drinking water. Water contamination is a serious health risk, and homeowners should know how to tell the difference between contaminated and safe water. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep you and your family safe:

Smell, Taste and Color Variation

Changes in the smell, taste or color aren't necessarily an indication of contaminated water that could lead to health problems. However, these signs may mean it's time to contact your municipal water authorities. If the issue appears to be local to your home, contact Reliance as well. Also, keep in mind not all forms of water contamination will have a sensory cue.

When it comes to smells, malodorous aromas aren't the only cause for concern. Sweet smells can also indicate contamination. Any change in color or consistency - yellowing, cloudy water, foamy appearance - is a sign there's a problem. Color considerations extend to porcelain tubs or sinks, which contaminated water can stain. Keep an eye out for metallic or chemical tastes in your water as they may indicate a larger problem.

Water Quality Tests

Call Reliance to schedule a water quality test if you notice any of the problems above. A Reliance plumbing expert can check your water to determine the level of bacteria, chemical contaminant, acidity and more.

Lead Contamination

Not all contamination stems from hurricanes or flooding. Lead contamination is particularly dangerous even with low levels of exposure. While the effects may not be as dire for adults, children are at risk, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In some cases, lead in drinking water results in learning disabilities, hearing impairment, stunted growth and other negative health outcomes in young children.

If you believe your home has lead or galvanized pipes, or aren’t sure, call Reliance schedule service online for a free inspection and estimate.