Hurricane Season: How to Prepare Your Plumbing

Hurricane Season: How to Prepare Your Plumbing

Whether you’ve called Florida home your entire life or you’re new to the region, it’s always good to brush up on your hurricane prep knowledge and know-how. Hurricane season is just beginning and meteorologists are already predicting a doozy of a season. While all of us hope they’re wrong, it’s better to prepare your plumbing for some extra stress this season.


Turn off your Main Water Valve
If you know flooding is possible or are leaving your home to ride out the storm elsewhere, always turn off your main water valve. This action will prevent contamination of your water supply and will help protect your pipes from unnecessary damage. The valve can most often be found in your garage or a utility space along an external facing wall and will have a knob. At times they are located under a utility cover in your front yard. Simply twist the knob to the off position.

Clear Debris

One of the easiest ways to prevent clogs, backups and flooding is by clearing drains, gutters and downspouts to allow water to flow properly. You’d be surprised how many plumbing problems can be prevented by routinely clearing these areas. An added bonus is that your home’s foundation will be better protected when water cannot collect in specific spots around your home.


If you suspect your sewer line is slowly becoming clogged or backs up during weather events, consider calling Reliance to video and jet your line to ensure no sewage backs up into your home during a storm. Root intrusions and other breaches can cause significant damage to your plumbing.


Water Heater Maintenance
Secure your water heater and shut off the gas / electricity leading to it to prevent contaminated water or gas leaks. This practice also creates a tank of drinkable water for you in case public water supply becomes unavailable through the storm.

Sump Pumps
Move all valuable and other storage to a higher ground if possible – attics and upper shelves are still better than floor-level. If you don’t have a sump pump, consider installing one. This will greatly reduce your chances of dealing with flooding and backups. Installing a battery backup sump pump for your primary sump pump will ensure that things keep working in the event of a power failure. Reliance can help you install a sump pump or backup sump pump battery.

Post-Storm Inspection
Once it is safe to venture outside or return to your home, inspect your home and plumbing. Ensure that gutters are cleared of debris, there are no cracks in walls or pipes, no strange odors or smells are coming from bathroom, kitchen or floor drains, and clean water is flowing from faucets.

For assistance with any of the above guidelines or repair of any damage to your plumbing system, call Reliance at 407-831-4459 or schedule service online.